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House Blend, formed in 2006, is an assembly of 12 veteran singers from Vermont and New Hampshire, devoted to the collective exploration of the many styles of mostly a cappella songs from around the world and throughout musical history. A democratically-governed party of self-professed singing addicts, the "Blenders" look to the artistic direction of all of its members to guide the group, creating a harmonious brew that reflects their diverse musical backgrounds. Their first CD appeared in May 2008 followed by a tour in the Loire Valley region of France in June with Chorale Cantoria. Their second CD, “Percolatin’,” came out in June 2011. House Blend returned to France in 2013 for another delightful trip and returned with new songs to share.


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Brochure (pdf, 1.6MB)

Description of the House Blend - Cantoria Exchange (pdf, 200 KB)


Contact: (sends email to both Gill Truslow and Charlotte Gifford)

House Blend rehearsing by the Loire near Bréhémont, 2008

Rehearsing by the Loire River, France, 2008